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Data Cabling through to Poor WiFi reception

We have on offer a large range of options for home networking, internet sharing and WiFi range extension. Garden rooms, extensions and garages quite often suffer from reduced WiFi coverage and we have many intuitive methods to assist with this. We can extend your current network to places you never thought possible! Whether that be 15 meters away or 3 miles! Get in touch today if you require support with your home or work internet.

Working within the Aylesbury area and beyond, we can offer consultative advice in many aspects of the way you receive your internet. Whether your office or TV requires a hard-wired LAN extension or the new garage conversion that doesn’t seem to pick up your WiFi, get in touch with us to find out what we can do for you! We offer many solutions for your home networking needs.

We can also undertake larger scale networking tasks and have been involved in multiple office setups to allow VOIP networking phone systems and much more.

Digital TV Aerial Installation

2 hr | £199

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Sky HD, Sky Q, Freesat satellite dish installation

2 hr | £199

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