Digital TV Installation & Repair

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What is Freeview?

Simply, Freeview is TV Channels received through a Digital TV Aerial. Freeview offers 120 non HD channels along with 15 HD channels. 

All with no monthly costs or bills.

In summary

  • No monthly bills or charges
  • All new TVs have a Freeview tuner already built in

All TVs have the option of using Freeview. All new TVs built within the last 8 years will have this as default, those without can receive Freeview through a Digital Freeview Receiver.

We install Freeview

Get in touch with us and we can provide everything you need to get Freeview up and running in your home or office. That means supplying everything, the equipment, TV aerial, everything.

Book a Freeview installation today. Call 01296 532077 .

We do Freeview repairs

When things go wrong, it’s good to know we’re here to put them right. So when your screen goes fuzzy or totally blank, or storm damage knocks your aerial out of action, give the Freeview experts a call and we’ll get to you fast to repair your Freeview service.

Need Freeview repairs? Call us on 01296 532077.


People believe that struggling with poor quality images, loss of signal or even missing channels is to be accepted. Its not!

We can investigate your system and quickly diagnose any issues you may have. But living with poor TV reception is not something anyone should have to do. There are many components of your home TV system, from the TV Aerial, to the cabling and connections, and the distribution system which may be a booster or splitter. We have the knowledge and expertise to tell you how we can make things better for good!

Why call Aylesbury Professional Aerials?

  • Quick Response
  • We are a genuine local company
  • 36 Month Guarantee on all installations
  • Competitive Prices
  • We will beat any documented quote you receive

Freeview experts

We really know all about Freeview with over 20 years experience. We can install your new digital TV Aerial for you with minimum fuss, so call us today!

For Freeview Repairs, Installations, Upgrades and Maintenance, call 01296 532077.

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